Alchemy: the process of transforming lead to gold. What if we consider Alchemy as the process or act of embodying our inner wisdom in our everyday lives? What if the magic of alchemy is really the act of being fierce in being who we are at our core everyday?

How do we do that? How do we know what to say yes to? The short answer is we remember and reconnect with our inner wisdom. It’s a process of listening to ourselves, remembering and identifying our own wisdom, and taking action, again and again.

Embody Your Wisdom is a place for community, resources, and support in this process of alchemy. You are not alone. You are already whole. You are Magical and Powerful. You can have a life filled with the things that are important to you, not to someone else. 

This is your life. You get to completely embody who you are at your core and embrace that in your life every single day.

“You can be who you think you are, you can be who others want you to be, OR YOU CAN BE WHO YOU ARE”  — Arthur Lincoln Pauls, DO

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Podcast Hub

The podcast hub is a collection of podcasts where Stephanie has been a guest as well as the episodes of her previous podcast Authentic Truth Speakers

Embodied Self Care Course

Self care includes the little things that brings us joy, ease, a deep breath, a smile to our face, a few extra minutes in our day, or anything else that you consider as nourishment.

This is not your typical self care course. In this course we are going to deep dive into what self care means for you, how to identify the simple things which create a physical and energetic shift, and how to incorporate self care into your everyday life with ease.

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