Embodied Self Care Course

This course is about identifying and implementing self care in your life, every single day. To make self care part of the foundation of your life.

Self-care is the act of nourishing ourselves in order to have a thriving life. It is also about learning to listen to ourselves. Learning how our body, mind, and Spirit provide us information.

Self-Care is the act of taking this information and applying it in our lives. Active listening paired with action.

As you determine what self care means to you and how it manifests in your body, spirit, and life you are creating the foundation for your guide. This will be very personalized to you as will each possible destination you identify as you complete this course.

Gaining clarity on what self care is for you allows you to have a solid foundation and choices. Being able to identify these foundational components of what self care means for you, gives you the tools for adjusting your self care items/actions over the course of your life. Our lives shift and change over time as we grow and evolve.

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